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Hello again. In my efforts to promote Greensmoke and it obvious benefits to smokers, I have decided to list under this category all the hot spots in Winnipeg that allow the usage of electronic cigarettes in their establishments. So far I have nothing, but I did receive the go ahead from the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Health and the Tobacco Commission of Manitoba.

According to the City of Winnipeg, only Manitoba Health regulates the by-laws governing tobacco use in this city. They indicated to me that there is currently no By-Law prohibiting the usage of electronic cigarettes any where in the city where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. They suggested I contact the Tobacco commission of Manitoba for more information.

I spoke with them and they mentioned the stance that Health Canada has taken against electronic cigarettes. He indicates that even though Health Canada has not authorized the usage of these products, there is no law prohibiting the usage. So, you are not going to jail for smoking one of these in a non smoking area anywhere in Manitoba. But they went on to mention a few obvious things. First off, don’t be an idiot and start smoking on city buses, in schools or in health facilities. This seems like a no brainer. He also mentioned that we should still consult bar owners and restaurant overs for their permission to smoke on their premises as it is completely up to them if they want to allow their patrons to use these in their establishments. I will do this part. I will contact as many restaurants and bars, and bingo halls as possible and find out which ones will allow this. I will post my finding here so that we all know. Im also looking at asking them if the would post one of my poster in their windows making it clear to everyone that it’s allowed.

So keep checking back for new placed to enjoy your Green Smoke electronic cigarettes.



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